For the Covenants and Restrictions refer to the specific Deed Book & Page and/or Plat Number referenced in your deed.  Documents are located at the Grant County Clerks Office, Williamstown, KY

The restrictions do apply. They are applicable to everyone in Claiborne Estates Subdivision to ensure the community maintains its appearance. They ONLY apply to the homes on Claiborne Estates and not to any other areas outside of this subdivision or to any property or farmland adjoining or adjacent to Claiborne Estates property.

DCC&RO Main and Exhibit B Restrictions – Deed Book 255 Page 13 The Main Document is the basics of how the entire Declaration works. This shows voting member classes, how many votes are allowed, who is subject to the restrictions, Board of Directors, annual assessments and amounts, special assessments, insurance requirements, lien to mortgage for nonpayment of assessments, interest charges for nonpayments of HOA fees and terminations.

Claiborne Estates subdivision was constructed in phases. The map for this phase is shown on Map Tabs – SECTION 1 & 2 maps. In phase one all lots were 1 acre in size and the Restrictions in this Exhibit B are for 1 acre lots only. Most 1 acre lots are in the front half of the sub-division and end around #380 (south side of the street) and #335 (north side of the street). # 375 is a 1 acre lot in the middle of smaller lots as it was purchased further down, but in phase one. City sewer was NOT available and all lots had to be 1 acre to have a septic system on them.

DCC&RO First Suppliment Deed Book 266 Pg 380 This was the First Supplement to the Restrictions and  makes no changed to any restrictions for homeowners.

DCC&RO Second Supplement Deed Book 266 Pg 433 This supplement also changed no restrictions for the homeowners and provided amendments as stated in the document.

DCC&RO Less than 1 Acre Lots – Third Supplement Deed Book 291 Page 171  (DEED BOOK 291 PAGE 171) The Map for this phase is shown on Map Tabs – SECTION 3 & 4. This document was created when the second phase of the subdivision was started. It was decided that from now on, all future homes would be on less than 1 acre lots because sewer was now available, all homes would be stick built vs modular or doublewides, all homes would have a basement, 2 car garages and brick fronts. This is why there is a different exhibit in the restrictions for these homes.

DCC&RO Forth Supplement Deed Book 303 Pg 614 This is the Forth Supplement of the DCC&RO and can be read as provided.